1. Fill out the visa application form.
  2. Holds a valid passport (min. 18 months validity)
  3. Recommendation letter from diac (department of immigration and citizenship of australia)
  4. Holds university qualifications or has completed at least two (2) years of undergraduate studies.
  5. Must not have previously held work and holiday visa
  6. Has a return/onward ticket and evidence of sufficient funds (generally aud$ 5000)
  7. Has at least functional bahasa indonesia
  8. Have good health and good character


People who are granted work and holiday visas must not:

  1. Be employed by any one employer for more than six (6) months;
  2. Engage in any studies or training for more than four (4) months.


There will be a yearly limit of 100 ‘work and holiday’ visas granted to indonesian applicants and a limit of 100 ‘work and holiday’ visas granted to australian applicants. And the work and holiday visa can not be extended.