Journalist/Media Visa

Journalist Visa

A Journalist Visa is a visa issued to foreign citizens who intend to visit Indonesia for journalist activities, media coverage, or commercial/non-commercial filming/video shooting activities.



  1. A letter of recommendation printed on your company’s letter head paper and signed by authorized person with details such as summary/profile of the company/program, purpose of visit, places/people to be visited/covered, dates of coverage, and any contact persons in Indonesia;
  2. A synopsis or background information of the project/documentation with details such as timetable, locations and duration of stay;
  3. List of equipment (if any) brought by the applicant to Indonesia;
  4. Passport with at least six months validity;
  5. 2 passport size photographs;
  6. Complete the application forms (Visa, CV, and Statement Letter) with the original signature of the applicant (please contact our office to obtain the forms);
  7. Letter from local counterpart/fixer;
  8. Visa fee AU$ 70 and Telex fee AU$ 10 per Application;
  9. Fee for Letter of Equipment List AU$ 25 (OPTIONAL).

Please note that decision of approval by authorities in Indonesia will take approximately 4 weeks after receipt of the completed aforementioned requirements.

Following the approval from the authorities in Indonesia, we will advise you to bring the passport with payment (No Cash Payment) for each applicant to the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Perth. We will stamp your passport with the necessary Visa which will be ready to collect within 5 (five) working days. Please provide a copy of return trip Airline Ticket (itinerary) afterwards.

For further Information please contact: Mr. Sofari Hidayat (