Single Visit Visa

Single Entry Visit Visa is given to persons other than certain exempted foreign nationals (see Free Visa for Short Visit) who intend to visit Indonesia that cover all aspects relevant to government, education, socio-culture, tourism, business trips, family, journalistic or on transit to proceed to another country.

Tourist Visa

Tourist visa is given to persons who intend to stay in Indonesia for holiday/leisure purpose with maximum length of stay in Indonesia of 60 (sixty) days and cannot extended/transfer.


  1. Complete 1 copy of the application form and submit it with 1 (one) passport-size photo and your passport.
  2. The applicant passport must be valid for at least 6 (six) months from the date of arrival in Indonesia (Please note that temporary passport, emergency travel document or travel document issued by different country are not considered as a passport).
  3. A copy of your return flight ticket (fly in to and out from Indonesia) or itinerary from a travel agent.
  4. Copy of hotel or accommodation booking.
  5. Proof of permanent resident and/or valid Australia visa for non-Australian Citizen.
  6. Copy of Evidence of sufficient funds to maintain himself/herself during his/her stay in Indonesia with minimum amount of AU$2000/month (e.g. Bank Statements or Credit Card Statement with applicant’s full name in the last 2 m​onths from the date of visa application). For spouse or minor applicants who cannot provide their own Bank Statements please provide copy of Marriage/birth certificate and current bank statement (if traveling alone).
  7. For minor applicant, a birth certificate, a consent letter of parents or guardian and copy of parents’ or guardians’ ID, if one or both of them are not travelling with the children.
  8. The visa fee for a single entry visit visa is $ 80.00 (non- refundable) and may be paid only by Eftpos, visa/master card, bank cheque and money order payable to Indonesian Consulate General in Perth.
  9.  Visa is valid if presented within 90 days from the date of issuance.

Please Note:

  1. Payment of the visa fee does not guarantee that the application will be successful.
  2. Copy of bio page (front page) of the passport.
  3. A single entry visit visa is issued for a single journey only.
  4. Application from certain nationals (Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Nigeria, and Somalia) needs referralsee Calling Visa and Getting Visa Authorization.
  5. Applicants whose applications need referral to the Immigration Office in Jakarta should not purchase any travel tickets or pay accommodation before the approval of their visa application is received.
  6. Temporary passport or emergency travel document issued by certain countries for the reason to replace the lost passport could be accepted on the ground that the applicant only will use them solely to travel to Indonesia and return to Australia.
  7. At least 5 (five) working days are required to process the visa from the receipt of application; provided all requirements have been fulfilled. However, certain countries may have a longer time (minimum 4 weeks) upon the approval from Indonesian Immigration Office in Indonesia. The Consulate General will return the application if there is still no approval after 6 (six) weeks since the date of receipt.
  8. Entry to Indonesia for foreigners granted visas by the Indonesian Consulate General in Perth remains subject to the approval of the Immigration officer at all Indonesian Immigration checkpoints (airports, seaports and land-borders).

*Please complete all requirement before submiting application.

Visa & Consular Opening hours:


09:30 – 12:30 (submission only)

14:00 – 15:30 (collection only)


09:30 – 12:30 (submission only)

14:30 – 16:00 (collection only)




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